Khusa Bhendi


Khusa is a middle aged man with dark hair streaked with grey. His deep brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of brass spectacles perched on the end of his nose. Several round lenses jut off from the side of the glasses, presumably for reading smaller text and studying artefacts.
He wears ornate purple robes with patterns of vines and flowers weaved in white climbing each arm.
Tucked into the white sash around his waist is a pair of white cotton gloves, used for reading ancient tomes.


Born in a small town called Bhujer to the east of the Revan continent. His father, a wealthy spice trader paid for Khusa to travel to Oasis and study under the Majister of Education, Pasan Suriyasena. Here he learnt to read and write and under the Majister of Age, about the history of Teal.
Once he hit adulthood, Khusa travelled to Gelnara and joined the Grand Archive to broaden his knowledge of the world.

Khusa Bhendi

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