Rae Amarah


Rae is a human female with long, blonde hair and sun coloured eyes. She has pale skin and wears a muted brown jerking and trousers. A cloak woven with leaves hangs around her shoulders, helping her blend in to the undergrowth as rangers are known to do.

Although Rae is what most people would picture as beautiful, she is far from a typical woman. She is rude as is well known for her attitude towards almost everyone and has the skills to back that attitude up. Able to switch freely between most weapons and wield each one as good as the last, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Most of the time wields two short swords and a bow. Although has been known to use spears, staffs, crossbows, daggers and maces.


Left Milden with Raven and Carver when she was just 14. Has been with the two of them since.

Rae Amarah

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