Craggon is the north east kingdom of Gelnara. Unlike the majority of the continent, Craggon isn’t as mountainous. Approaching the south, the land was once forest but now sports masses of tree stumps, the trunks cut away long ago to serve as building materials for the fortress monastery of the Lions Order, Skybridge.

Approaching Skybridge is a perilous task, cave openings lead directly down into the underdark but most have been sealed long ago by boulders, steel and other materials. These openings are often patrolled and repair is swift, lest the creatures of the dark spill into Gelnara.
The Rend itself stretches for miles along the land and hundreds of meters between the two sides but is rarely seen due to the great wall of stone and steel that has been erected on Gelnara’s side which runs from coast to coast, cutting the dwellers of the underdark off from the continent. The only gap in this wall is Skybridge acting as means to cross the Rend.

The defence of Gelnara is the people of Craggons top priority and as well as those native to this part of the continent, it is not unheard of for the Exalted Commander to recruit the roaming tribes of the Wastes to fight in exchange for food, shelter and warmth.


Landmarks & Places of Interest

The Rend
The Bastion
Zone of Silence


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