Stronghold of the Bull

The Stronghold of the Bull is much like the other two platforms that make up Skybridge but it’s skyline is broken up by a vast amount of chimneys spiking up from the top of the structure.
Where the Dragon and Lion focus more on the military and war aspect of survival in this harsh life, the Bull holds many of the construction and arcane specialists. Inside follows the looks of the outside with buildings built atop on another but many of these are workshops dealing in alchemy, enchantments, research and everything between.

The ground floor is dominated by a huge stone masons workshop. Giant boulders of stone sit waiting to be chizzled into the bricks used for the cities construction, slabs for building, roofing and many other things used in Skybridge.

Notable NPCs

Torgaf Stonespear – Overseer
Zilta Stonespear – Arch Mason

Notable Guilds

Mason Guild – Guild Head
Grand Archive

Notable Stores

Tools Tools Tools
The Empty Phial
Enchanting Enchantments

Notable Taverns

The Alchemists Brew

Stronghold of the Bull

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