Stronghold of the Dragon

Much like the other two platforms that make up Skybridge, the Stronghold of the Dragon is made from stone buildings stacked atop each other and slopes snaking around the buildings to make walkways. wooden cranes stretch over the empty expanse below, lifting and lowering goods and building materials to where they are needed.

It is inside the structure that the Dragon changes from it’s brothers. The space beneath the stacks of buildings is covered in tents made from canopies held up by wooden beams. cooking fires burn heating all manner of foods and different areas of the space are cordoned off by low ropes, creating small training areas.
Those who live in the Dragon are not the organised military that resides in the Lion. Instead they are made up of warriors and bandits recruited from the Wastes and other parts of Gelnara. The tent city inside the fortress is ever changing as once a fighter has proven himself, a permanent home is found for them on the outside, so those living inside the fortress change almost daily. Because the Dragon is far more lax about standards, many more taverns have popped up here in comparison to the Lion.

Notable NPCs

Vimul Mindspeaker Agu-Velo – Appointed General
Omyh Onger – Company General

Notable Taverns

The Sober Dwarf
The Shaggy Table
The Shattered Shield

Notable Stores

Furns Furs
I Sell Axe

Stronghold of the Dragon

Teal Nazryl