Stronghold of the Lion

The Stronghold of the Lion is the only way into Skybridge and it’s entrance, the Lions Gate is the only gap in the wall that cuts off the unsacred land beyond from Gelnara. The stronghold itself, like the other two platforms of Skybridge is pyramid of buildings connected by sloping walkways that snake around the city. From the tallest buildings, wooden cranes and pullies just into the sky around them, constantly lifting and lowering goods, building materials and often people around the city.
Stone towers rise every five stories and atop them, great wooden trebuchet and ballista always loaded and always ready for war.

The stacked buildings of the Lions Stronghold form a hollow shell and stepping into this shell reveals the cogs of the machine that Skybridge and it’s people are. More buildings are piled around the perimeter, many of these buildings are forges and from them bellows black smoke through specially constructed chimneys. The ringing of hammer on metal is constant, the smiths that live and work in Skybridge working on repairing or forging entirely new weapons and armour for the cities defenders.
Collections of straw filled dummies sit in secluded corners, filled with arrows and bolts from aspiring archers. Crates and barrells of supplies are in constant motion as labourers move them to where they are needed. In the middle of it all, a great stone dais that holds a alter of worship between four marble pillars. The Stronghold of the Lion is more akin to a hive than a city and is truly a sight to behold.

Paladin Order of the Lion

Notable NPCs

Efrin Nightsbridge – Appointed General
Igin Hammerfall – Company General
Yesri Underbrough – Exalted Acolyte

Notable Taverns

The Lions Pride

Notable Stores

Hand of Strength – Weaponsmith
Gnome Depot
The secret ingredient

Stronghold of the Lion

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