Heavily wooded continent between Thuin and Gelnara. Home mainly to Wood Elves, Gnomes and Halflings. Once ruled over by the Oboros family for generations, the entire continent was given to High King Aeorleas after the elves aided Gelnara during the demon invasion lead by the Arch Balor, Vaenar. Since that day, Velenta has been the homeland of the elven folk who dwell on the material plane.

Currently Velenta has become unstable. Many of the major cities that inhabit the inner most lands of Velenta can freely travel between the material plane and the Fey Wild, which they do by activating magical stones that tear a hole between planes. Although these tears mostly leave no notable damage on the world, some have begun to break down the walls that hold the material plane in place, allowing the free travel of creatures from all the planes of existence to Velenta. This, along with the Ever War between the wood elves of Orn E’ I’ Ene (Orni-enn) and the Drow has made central Velenta a dangerous place to dwell.

Har Lenna

Orn E’ I’ Ene

Rusva Alu

Ngoth Ndor

The Gold Coast


Teal Nazryl