Welcome to Teal


Teal is a ancient world. Formed many hundreds of thousand years ago. The gods gave life to all races and under their guise the mortal beings flourished. The elves learnt to weave the winds of magic and under their watchful eye the more primitive races were taught the same. Magic became the worlds power, spells controlled everything in life from growing and harvesting food to prolonging the lives of the less blessed races. Entire cities were built in a matter of days, raising from the ground and into the clouds.

Life was luxurious and the people thanked the gods in the form of worship. Entire days were spent giving thanks to these gods until life was moulded around them, every action performed in their name. One man disliked this way of life, a human wizard names Retalik O’Hara-Hyne. In secret, Retalik began to teach himself foul magic and create creatures of war and murder. Orcs were born into the world from this method, goblins and Gnolls too, a army to take on the gods themselves. Retalik studied for many decades and when he was ready, launched his assault on the world. The dark wizards army swept over Teal like a wave. The victims that the surge cut down were raised as zombies, ghouls and other undead beings by the wizards dark spells. His army was unstoppable, ever growing and Retalik himself could level cities by himself, such was his power.

When the pure was on the brink of extinction the gods took desperate measures and descended from their exotic kingdom and for the first time since it’s creation, they walked on Teal. With each step the gods took, the world burned. The skies swirled with great storms that ravaged the lands and seas rose up to wash away many of the coastal cities, but Retalik had grown more powerful than even they could handle. In order to stop the necromancer, the divine made the greatest sacrifice they could and focusing their powers together unleashed a spell that changed Teal forever. The spell surrounded Retalik and drew life energy from the world itself. Trees dried and cracked, plants wilted and the ground grew brittle and weak. The power shook the very foundations of existence on Teal and tore open the world. The grand cities were swallowed into the ground along with Retaliks armies, lava bubbled from the core and turned Teal into a wasteland of heat and ash. Using the life energy, Retalik was crushed in a prison of pure energy and in this prison the gods took him away, sealing the first necromancer away for the rest of eternity.

But life survived. The beings that escaped destruction and split each person into groups, builders, farmers, hunters and others that would help them survive. As the centuries passed, the groups became guilds, the cities were rebuilt although not at such a scale as they once were and much of the magical knowledge was lost in what history would call ‘The Breaking’.

Teal has almost recovered from it’s destruction two thousand years later. The guilds are spread across the globe and cover everything from blacksmiths to farms with almost every person belonging to a particular guild. Magic is widely accepted, although it doesn’t rule life as it once did and the knowledge that was lost is still saught after in the caverns beneath the world made up ruins of the grand cities of ages past. The dark creatures Retalik created still exist, hiding in dungeons and the dark places of the world and still threaten the worlds peace.