The Molten Mire

The Molten Mire is a stretch of forest that has grew from soft marshland. It’s names comes from the bubbling pools of water that litter the ground between the darkened trunks of the trees. When light filters through the trees and hits the pools of liquid, they turn clear as day and the faces of travellers lost in the sinking bog can be seen staring upwards, faces contorted in pain and fear, the last moments of their life frozen in death for all eternity.

But no every living thing dies in the Mire. Covens of hags call this stretch of land home. From their small clusters of huts, they offer their unique potions and tonics made from the natural or unnatural fauna of the mire. The hags are said to be able to cure any curse or ailment, and finding the hags are only half of the payment required to be gifted one.

Notable Locations


The Molten Mire

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