The Sunset Tavern and Inn

On the eastern fringe of the Southern Expanse is a range of mountains that overlook the Veletian Pass. These mountains are said to be blessed by the lesser god, Chesh when she was given life by the prime deities. To mark her birth, Chesh created an eternal sunrise from the mountain peak and this is where the Sunset is built.

A pathway flanked by a rainbow of different flowers and shrubs leads up to the three storey wooden building. To the side stands a large stable that holds tired steeds, tended by Dunlo, a portly, red haired halfling.
Green vines and ivy climbs the deep wood tavern, curling around the two stone chimneys protruding from either side of the taverns roof. The back holds a sparring ring as well as several training dummies.
White shuttered windows line the exterior walls, two on each side of the building, under each a small collection of window plants hang from the sills.
The single wooded door is carved in the likeness of a sunrise and inside is just a serene as the exterior. The tables are perfectly lined, six chairs to each. The fire in the hearth burns constantly but no matter how close one gets to it, the heat is never unbearable and from nowhere music, barely low enough to hear plays to the air.

Towards the back of the tavern sits the birch bar, white with steaks of black for contrast, it’s surface a polished black obsidian. Barrels and wine racks line the wall and above them a collection of old weaponry; snapped blades, shields cracked and bent, hand guards with no handle or blade and a magnitude of other items.
The two upper floors are given to guest rooms on the first floor and the personal living space of the Hatumei family, the owners of this piece of tranquillity.

Notable NPCs

Minthr Hatumei – Owner
Arabelle Hatumei
Serphy Hatumei

Dunlo – Stablehand
Mags – Cook

The Sunset Tavern and Inn

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